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shipping & delivery

Delivery is made by shipping company to the customer’s address

Limitation of liability:

  • The company bears full responsibility for delivering the product in its original condition without any damage to the intermediate transport company. In the event of any damage caused by the transport company, the responsibility will be on it.
  • The company does not bear the delay resulting from reasons related to shipping companies or customs procedures and other parties. The products that are ordered may be subject to customs duties imposed on imports according to the laws of the buyer’s country. These fees are always paid by the recipient or the buyer. The buyer is also responsible for any legal consequences in his country or any procedures that result in the entry of the product being refused or prohibited or the shipment being opened. Or harm it or impose fees under any reason whatsoever and from any party, and the company will not bear any consequences for that.
  • Shipping and delivery time is 3 to 4 working days

Support and communication
To communicate with the marketing department regarding ordering, shipping, or any other inquiries, please communicate via the store’s official email Service@Taswiquh.Online